Private Slips for Rent or Sale

The following slips are available for rent or purchase from one of our private owners, and is current as of 11/1/18

Please contact owner directly for additional information.

See site map below for slip locations.



B42     Terry Marzec (847)331-4998 or

B43     Terry Marzec (847)331-4998 or

B86     Bill Geer (847)989-4047 or

B60     Bob Hunter

B62     Michael O’Donnell (847)812-8825

B68     Bob Barnato (847)514-9130

D212   Barbara Raisanen (847) 207 0820 or

D219   Steve Tamburello (708) 277 7864



A8      Michael O’Donnell (847)812-8825 or

A10    Greg Carroll (847)571-7888

A11      John Harty (847)514-4926

A15      Grant Pierce (847)710-6484

A16      Donna Andrews (Owner)/John P. O’Brien (Realtor) 513-502-2387 or

A18      John Bosco (630)876-8000 or

B19      Ed Chittim (847)428-3349 or (847)-428-2001 or

B22      Michael O’Donnell (847)812-8825 or

B25      Jim McKeown

B28      Erin Swearingin (847)732-7540 or

B29      Erin Swearingin (847)732-7540 or

C132    Sam Akmakjian (847)778-0463 or

C152    Kathy Kaleta (847)812-3056 or



C107   Frank Allgauer (o):  (847)509-7000 (c): 847-528-2000 or

C112    Andrew Richter (262)942-9300 or

C113    Andrew Richter (262)942-9300 or

C117    Ted Collison (847)343-8380 or

C122    Sam Akmakjian  (847)778-0463 or

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**All applications for purchase must be approved by the PHYC Board of Directors**