Private Slips for Rent or Sale

The following slips are available for rent or purchase from one of our private owners.

Please contact owner directly for additional information.

See site map below for slip locations.



B42     Terry Marzec (847)331-4998 or

B43     Terry Marzec (847)331-4998 or

B86     Bill Geer (847)989-4047 or

B60     Bob Hunter

B62     Michael O’Donnell (847)812-8825

B68     Bob Barnato (847)514-9130

D212   Barbara Raisanen (847) 207 0820 or



A8      Michael O’Donnell (847)812-8825 or

A10    Greg Carroll (847)571-7888

A11      John Harty (847)514-4926

A16      Donna Andrews (Owner)/John P. O’Brien (Realtor) 513-502-2387 or

A18      John Bosco (630)876-8000 or

B19      Ed Chittim (847)428-3349 or (847)-428-2001 or

B22      Michael O’Donnell (847)812-8825 or

B25      Jim McKeown

C132    Sam Akmakjian (847)778-0463 or

C152    Kathy Kaleta (847)812-3056 or



C107   Frank Allgauer (o):  (847)509-7000 (c): 847-528-2000 or

C112    Andrew Richter (262)942-9300 or

C113    Andrew Richter (262)942-9300 or

C117    Ted Collison (847)343-8380 or

C122    Sam Akmakjian  (847)778-0463 or

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**All applications for purchase must be approved by the PHYC Board of Directors**